1. Mocking Pad Pages View

    July 4, 2010 by accidentalfish

    To help you build up a user interface story Mocking Pad lets you maintain multiple pages within a single project. Originally I was going to just show these pages as a simple list but now, after a couple of months of using the iPad, I realise that it deserves something better so spent time on a more graphical, useful, and fun page selector of which you can see a screenshot below (click through for the full resolution):

    Page selection view

    Of course what a screenshot doesn’t show you is the subtle animations that take place as you interact with the application – there’s nothing excessive, just the gentle fade in and fade out of icons and movement of previews as appropriate, but it all adds up to make ProtoPad feel like an iPad application. On that topic I actually held off on starting to develop an iPad application until I’d owned one for a while – I didn’t feel confident trying to guess how the iPad would feel without having used one extensively, and in retrospect I’m glad I waited.

    I also have a slightly different version of this user interface that doesn’t employ an “Add” button but instead auto creates new pages for you. I need to try both out for a while before I decide on a final version. Both have pro’s and con’s.