1. Stencils for Mocking Pad

    January 28, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I’ll keep this post short and to the point:

    I’d love to know what stencils you’d like to see added to Mocking Pad. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

  2. Mocking Pad v1.15

    January 21, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I’ve been beavering away on the next version of Mocking Pad : v1.15. I’m planning on delivering one new fairly small, but frequently asked for, feature: the ability to group stencils together so that they become one logical unit for moving around etc.

    I’m also planning on including a couple of new iOS / mobile focussed stencils including a picker control.

    I was hoping to get this uploaded to the App Store early next week, most of the code is written and I’m polishing, testing and bug fixing, however real life has intervened somewhat in the form of unexpectedly needing to move house so it may take a little longer. Please bear with me!

    This small release is a precursor to something bigger in 1.2. But more on that in a future post.

  3. Making the Modern World

    January 15, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I spent the afternoon in the London Science Museum looking at the Making the Modern World exhibition they have on at the moment. Really fascinating with lots of iconic inventions. Including an Apple I which I seriously geeked out over. If you pop upstairs they also have a computer history section where you can find things like a PDP-8 and Charles Babbage Differential Engine.

    It’s well worth a visit and I’ve attached some photos below. Apologies for the low quality but I only had my phone with me.

  4. Padd Trek – Update Sent to App Store

    January 14, 2011 by accidentalfish

    While playing Padd Trek last night I came across a bug that can occur when you dock with a starbase. It doesn’t crash the app but it does cause it to become unresponsive – if you quit and reload your game will be as you left it.

    If you’ve hit this problem I apologise. I fixed the issue yesterday and submitted the update to the App Store.

    In happier news – its cool to see a leaderboard for a game you created filling up with scores. Wonder how long I’ll maintain my position at the top?

  5. Mocking Pad Sales Update

    January 13, 2011 by accidentalfish

    It’s been a while since I reported back on Mocking Pad sales. Things slowed down a lot in the last month as you can see from the graphs below but two days ago they picked back up dramatically due to a combination of two things:

    1) The first update was released on the App Store.

    2) For a week (starting on the day the update was released) I’ve lowered the price to under half the normal $9.99 (£5.99).

    It will be interesting to see what happens over the next week and what happens when I push the price back to normal.

    Cumulative sales:

    Day by day sales:

    And as always, if you’ve bought Mocking Pad: thanks.

  6. Padd Trek – Approved!

    January 12, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Good news, Padd Trek has been approved for release on the App Store. Hopefully it will be out there in the next few hours. I’ll post a link just as soon as I have one.

    Update: now on the App Store.

  7. iPad or iPhone?

    by accidentalfish

    Someone asked me the other day why my paid app releases are all for the iPad, particularly as the number of potential customers on iPhone dwarfs the number on iPad.

    The answer is pretty simple and twofold:

    1) I use my iPad a lot and love it to bits. That makes it hard for me to resist developing for.

    2) The apps I’ve wanted to create recently have been better suited to the iPad.

    Its difficult to see how Mocking Pad would work at all on an iPhone as it would be just too fiddly – although I do have plans to release a viewer at some point as it strikes me that it would be kinda neat to be able to say to a client “download this free app for your iPhone and I’ll email you over the wireframes”.

    Padd Trek could definitely be made to work on the iPhone with some cunning redesign of the UI (it would be easy to do it very badly, I hope doing it well isn’t beyond the wit of me!) and I’ve written it with that in mind but I prefer to game on my iPad and so iPad came first.

    The minute I have an idea I want to pursue that is best suited to iPhone I’ll be onto it.

  8. Mocking Pad v1.1 Update Available Now

    January 11, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Good news – the first Mocking Pad update is now  available for the iPad on the App Store. It’s a free upgrade for existing users.

    And to celebrate this first update release Mocking Pad will be available until the 18th January for under half price – $3.99 (£2.39) as opposed to the normal price of $9.99 (£5.99).

  9. Padd Trek for iPad

    January 10, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Update: now on the App Store.

    While I was busy on Mocking Pad I started work on a side project – just something to keep me sane and switch to if and when Mocking Pad had me pounding my head through the desk (technically I guess it was a side side project as Mocking Pad was a side project itself, though a pretty high priority one). That didn’t happen much as I found myself massively excited about it right through the development process but I did still take some time out to work on something else: just for a breather.

    That something was a reworking of the classic 70s Super Star Trek game for the iPad. I’ve always loved this game and first discovered it on the BBC Micro (for those visiting from outside the UK you can find out about this fantastic 8-bit computer here) and when I graduated to a PC I quickly discovered the fantastic EGA Trek. I used the game as subject matter while teaching myself C programming with good old Turbo C 1.5 and developed Mouse Trek which I was quite proud of at the time as it involved writing a window library and mouse library (good old Int86 calls) from scratch.

    Heady days but I digress, back to Padd Trek.

    Over the recent Christmas break I had a bit of free time so decided to polish off the game and to cut a long story short I submitted it to the App Store today.

    The premise of the game is that your quadrant of the galaxy has been invaded by an alien species and yours is the only surviving ship. You have to clear the quadrant of all enemy ships. The quadrant is broken down into an 8×8 grid of sectors and each sector is further subdivided into an 8×8 grid. You move around the quadrant exploring the sectors and searching for enemy vessels which you then engage with your lasers and torpedos. To win you need to destroy all the enemy ships.

    There’s a good chance that if you’re interested in this game you’ve already played one the many variations that have been written over the years so I won’t elaborate much more here but the game does contain full instructions on how to play.

    As soon as it’s approved I’ll post a link and update the main Accidental Fish website but in the meantime here are some screenshots. The game features Game Center leaderboards and is priced in the lowest tier – so $0.99 or £0.59 if you’re in the US or UK, but the exact price will vary depending on your region.

    If you want to try and beat the author then lookout for capnkroaker in the leaderboards – that would be me!

    And look out for another upcoming product announcement coming in a few days time. It’s been busy in the fish tank.

  10. Mocking Pad v1.1 – Its a Wrap

    January 7, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Good news – Mocking Pad v1.1 is complete and ready for submission to the App Store. I’d submit it right now but my brain is fried and experience has taught me thats not a good time to do a submission and so I’m going to sleep on it and submit it tomorrow morning (UK time). All being well it should hit the App Store in around a week.

    I’ve done a lot of testing particularly around making sure that v1.0 documents load correctly into v1.1 (there’s been no change to the file format and its upwards compatible but I’d hate for people to lose work) but as with any upgrade I’d suggest you make sure your documents are backed up. Easiest way to do this with Mocking Pad is to email them to yourself or publish to Dropbox.

    I’d like to thank everyone who sent me feedback on v1.0. It really is very much appreciated.

    And finally I’ve made the following changes:

    New Stencils

    1. iOS Pop Over
    2. Lorem Ipsum Wrapping Text Stencil
    3. Post it notes
    4. Callout numbers
    5. Tick
    6. Cross
    7. Menu bar
    8. Dropdown / Popup Menu
    9. Calendar

    New Features

    1. Double Tap stencil to bring up property editor
    2. Constrain proportions when sizing
    3. Save a page as an image to the photo library
    4. Added a “Desktop” app category to the palette
    5. Palette category animation changed to a, I think, more appropriate fade in fade out.
    6. Links to this blog and the Accidental Fish website have been added to the about box.

    Bug Fixes / Performance

    1. When you click the Get Support email the keyboard appears and you can immediately start typing into the email body.
    2. When editing a combo box / dropdown and then using the undo / redo a crash would occur in some situations.
    3. The dragging of large stencils is smoother.


    Update: I did submit this today so hopefully it will be out within a week.