1. Mocking Pad Giveaway

    February 27, 2011 by accidentalfish

    As I’ve seen the sun this morning for what feels like the first time in weeks (very gloomy and grey here in Bedford UK lately) and as I have a very nice cup of coffee sat on my desk I thought I’d celebrate by giving away some copies of Mocking Pad.

    Just enter one of the promo codes below into iTunes and as long as no one has beaten you to it you’ll get a free copy of Mocking Pad.


    If you try it and like it an iTunes review would be really appreciated and as ever if you have any feedback about things you like, things you dislike, things you think it needs to do then get in touch.

    Update: thanks to continued interest I’ve added another batch of promo codes below. Fresh as at 7:30 (GMT) 1st March.


    This is the last batch for some time though so grab ’em while they’re hot!

  2. Still here!

    February 16, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Sorry about the silence, as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been moving house and that has taken most of my time. Mission now mostly accomplished (including having broadband again, phew) and I’ve been able to get back to Mocking Pad development. v1.2 is coming on nicely, I’ve got the project template gallery I’ve mentioned before up and running and though its a little rough right now I’m already pretty sure this is going to be a big time saver for building wireframes.

    I’m still aiming for an early March submission to the App Store but this update is more complex than those to date and I won’t release it till I think its genuinely ready.

    Oh and unless you want to be deluged by spam I recommend not mentioning you’re moving house on your blog. Wow. Spam ┬ácentral. Even worse than mentioning the MacBook Air on twitter. Thankfully my spam filter caught most of them.

  3. Mocking Pad v1.2 – Making Wireframing Even Quicker and Easier

    February 6, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I’ve already started work on the next version of Mocking Pad (v1.2) which as usual will be a free upgrade for existing users. The main focus of the release is to make constructing wireframes even quicker and easier!

    One of the ways I’m hoping to achieve this is through the addition of a pair of “Template Galleries” to enable you to swiftly reuse common patterns. This works as follows:

    In the stencil gallery on the left there are two new categories: Global Templates and Project Templates. These start off empty and you add to them by selecting one or more stencils on the canvas and tapping one of two new additional buttons: Create Project Template and Create Global Template (final wording yet to be decided). If you click one of these buttons then the stencils you have selected are added as a draggable item in the appropriate gallery. To reuse you simply drag them out of the gallery.

    The project gallery is, as it sounds, specific to your current project while the global gallery is available across all your projects.

    In addition to this in the pages browser you will be able to select a page as a “Master Page”. Additional pages you create will then be based on this page.

    And finally as a result of user feedback (thank you!) I’m also looking at a way to bring the Cut, Copy and Paste functionality out of hiding in a sub-menu and up to the top level.

    As I think I’ve mentioned before I’m currently in the process of moving house, which will also leave me without broadband for a while, so its difficult to put a timescale on when I’ll be done but I’m hoping to get a release out in early March. If nothing else the lack of broadband will eliminate distractions!

  4. Mocking Pad v1.15 – On Sale Now

    February 4, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Apple have just approved Mocking Pad v1.15 for sale in the App Store and so it should be appearing in the various stores shortly, it’s a free upgrade for existing users. Shiny new things include:

    Features and Functionality

    • When multiple stencils are selected they can now be grouped together for easier management using the property inspector. They can also be ungrouped by selecting the group stencils and opening the property inspector.
    • Whats new information appears following an upgrade to the application.


    • iOS Picker
    • Arrows (up, down, left, right)

    Bug Fixes

    • Pie charts now render correctly when exported to SVG.
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a project then opening a project would occasionally result in the deleted project appearing to be reopened.

    Got something, I think, really useful coming in v1.2 which I’ll be blogging about shortly.