1. Mocking Pad 1.35 – Finally!

    September 25, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I’ve finally completed work on Mocking Pad v1.35. Its on its way to the app store today for review and contains the following new features:

    1. Line drawing – you can now drop a line stencil, set its thickness and pattern (solid, dashes etc.). I’ve had a lot of email requests for this feature.
    2. Drag selection – tap the new button on the toolbar and drag a box over the stencils you want to select.

    There are also a number of bug fixes, thanks to the users who reported them:

    1. Project name editor now behaves more consistently.
    2. Grab handles now position appropriately when you change the orientation of sliders, scroll bars and progress bars.
    3. Double tapping the settings button no longer causes a crash.
    4. The “Get Support” email editor now behaves correctly in landscape mode.

    It normally takes around 5 to 10 days for the app to get approved, I’ll post again once it is.

    Update: Just to add, all the above are available in the full version of Mocking Pad and in Mocking Pad Lite.