1. Padd Trek – Volume Fix

    June 19, 2012 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted a new release (1.52) of Padd Trek to Apple for review that fixes the volume issue – now it correctly honours the volume settings of your device. Hopefully it will hit the store in about a weeks time.

  2. Simple Paging Grid – Updated

    June 16, 2012 by accidentalfish

    I’ve made some updates to the simple paging grid over the last week or so. Improvements include:

    • The grid can now be supplied data from a function. This can be handy if you have data that can be procedurally generated.
    • Both sorted and unsorted headers can be customised through the template system.
    • A “loading” overlay can be displayed when retrieving data from a remote data source
    • The grid can have a minimum size, quantified as the number of rows, and if you set this to the page size the grid will stay fixed in height during loading operations
    • A Google Search style page number picker can be shown in the footer between the next and previous buttons

    The documentation and source is available in the GitHub repository. I’ve not yet released the zip file containing the 0.2 code so grab it from the repository.

    Any issues then please let me know.

  3. Padd Trek – Now Free

    June 12, 2012 by accidentalfish

    A brief update on Padd Trek – I decided at the weekend to make this a free app, and keep it as a free app, for a number of reasons:

    • It was just written for fun and for myself and it’s not something I’ve really got any intention to make money from.
    • It’s targeted at a fairly niche audience (lovers of the 70s original and various versions over the years).
    • It didn’t take long to write and is easy to maintain.

    All that being the case on reflection I’d really like fellow lovers of this classic style of game to be able to enjoy it on their phones and for newcomers to the genre to be able to give it a try and so I changed it’s price to free at the weekend and its going to stay that way and it’s perhaps worth pointing out that there are no ad’s in the app. Happily since making the change it’s had a flood of downloads and picked up a few 5* and 4* ratings.

    I also posted an update to the App Store last night that fixes a bug – it’s possible to get stuck on the status screen in the current version (in low memory situations) and I’ve resolved that. Hopefully it will hit the store in a few days time.

    I’ve also got a few new features planned for the game including AI improvements for the enemies and new missions and game events. If you’ve got any suggestions then let me know. I don’t want to over complicate it as I want to keep it true to it’s roots but I’m always happy to consider ideas.

    I’m also contemplating releasing the source code. After all – why not? Those who visit my blog regularly will know I like to release source code whenever I can. I just need to clean up a bit of the code and remove some copyrighted assets before I can do that.

    If you download it and like it I’d really appreciate a review on the store (the app itself will not pester you to review it) and if you don’t let me know why. Its always nice to get feedback.