1. Simple Paging Grid and Insanely Simple Blog

    September 8, 2012 by accidentalfish

    I’ve pushed out a couple of open source releases in the last few weeks but not really found time to blog about them.

    The first update is to the Simple Paging Grid. I’ve swapped out the Mustache template library for the Handlebars library. The main reason I had for doing this was to allow for more advanced client side formatting options of data. For example if you want to convert a JSON date into a localised date you can easily do this now by registering a Handlebars helper to do just that.

    I’ve also released Simple Paging Grid as a NuGet package for Visual Studio users. The source code can be found at:


    And the NuGet package at:


    The second update is a new release that I’ve called Insanely Simple Blog. It’s a NuGet package designed for adding to an MVC4 project – after adding it and running a simple configuration command the site will have a JavaScript and Backbone based single page blog that’s easy to integrate into an existing site design through CSS.

    Really this just fell out of me playing with Web API and MVC4 but I figured it might be useful to someone. The source code can be found at:


    And the NuGet package at:


    As per usual everything is released under the permissive MIT license and comments and feedback is welcome!