1. Simple Paging Grid v0.5 (and Padd Trek)

    April 2, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I pushed out an update to Simple Paging Grid over the weekend, fixing a few bugs, sorting out the codebase into a decent JavaScript object model, and adding a few new features. It can be found on GitHub or NuGet as per usual. I’m grateful for all the feedback I’ve received – really useful keep it coming!

    I’ve got a small point release also on the way that adds a lot of unit tests and  a couple of fixes made as a result – the grid started off as something very simple but it’s grown a fair bit, certainly past the point where I can make quick changes and maintain a decent level of quality. I learned some interesting things about QUnit, Mockjax and asynchronous JavaScript testing in the process which I hope to blog about at some point and maybe save somebody the pain I went through.

    And finally – I’m making slow progress towards the long promised Padd Trek update. I’m going to open source it at the same time I release the new features. It’s a free app with no copyrighted material (other than my own) so why not?