1. Fluent Mind Map Improvements

    May 30, 2013 by accidentalfish

    Firstly a thank you to everyone who has bought Fluent Mind Map so far – I hope it’s helping you organise your thoughts!

    I have a new release on the way that has some improvements that I hope you will find useful: though its not the release that is just about to hit the App Store with a minor bug fix in.

    Firstly I’ve been making some usability improvements to the iPhone version of the app. I’ve significantly reduced the amount of space the toolbars take up by removing some whitespace and shrinking the icon sizes. This stops them obscuring the content as much as they do in the current version. I’ve taken care not to make them more fiddly and in fact the “tap targets” (the space in which you can touch to press a button) are exactly the same size as they are in the current version.

    Here’s a screenshot on a 4″ device before the rework:


    And here’s a screenshot of the improved version:


    It feels more balanced to me on the device and lets you see more content and so I hope you agree thats an improvement.

    Secondly I’ve added the capability to collapse and expand child nodes. You can do this from the node properties tool and also via a gesture: I’m still playing with the gestures for this, currently it’s a triple tap. When collapsed there’s a subtle indication that there are more nodes available.

  2. Reviews

    May 27, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’m generally not a fan of applications asking to be rated on the App Store but store reviews have become really important and the reality is that people rarely go back to the store to review without prompting. Interestingly I’ve found with Mocking Pad and Padd Trek that people are more likely to send me an email saying thanks than go back to the store and review – which actually I love, it’s fantastic getting thoughtful feedback from real users.

    This, coupled with the race to the bottom pricing that has taken place in the last few years, means that starting with Fluent Mind Map I’ve decided I need to join the herd and prompt for reviews. I’ve used the iRate component to do this and configured it so that it will only ask if the application is used 5 times or more and has been installed for at least 5 days. Hopefully this isn’t too intrusive.

  3. Fluent Mind Map

    May 21, 2013 by accidentalfish

    If you visit the main Accidental Fish website you’ll probably have noticed that there’s been a big refresh of the site and that I have a new application for sale on the App Store.

    Apple caught me on the hop a little with a really fast approval – fortunately I had the website ready but didn’t have a blog post.

    Fluent Mind Map is, as the name suggests, a mind mapping tool that really grew out of a challenge I set myself a few weeks ago to build something with a really minimal editor that made use of gestures rather than lots of buttons. I picked a mind mapper as a clean simple and distraction free UI seemed well suited to exploring ideas. Before I knew it I’d got 60% of a complete app and so decided to finish it.

    It’s a universal app and so a single purchase will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can share mind maps between your devices, clients, colleagues and friends through a variety of file formats using email or Dropbox (still my favourite cloud storage solution).

    You can find it on the App Store or learn more on my website.


    Since it went live a day or two ago I’ve submitted a new build to Apple for review that includes a couple of bug fixes. These issues primarily exhibit themselves in the iPhone version and none of them cause any data loss or damage to mind maps. They include:

    • Fixed new node UI scroll glitch
    • Fixed low memory enter background crash that occurred when exiting immediately after deleting the current mind map
    • Fixed email white screen issue on the iPhone

    No excuses for these making it through the test process but I am, as ever, committed to ensuring everything Accidental Fish does is of a high quality and getting fixes out there as quickly as possible for any issues that are discovered. I have a real simple policy: I don’t defer defects and anything discovered is fixed for the next version and if no version is currently planned then I plan one!

    If you have any problems get in touch either through the application itself or via the Accidental Fish support page.

    I want to keep the application simple and focussed but I do have some improvements planned for a future version and if you’ve got suggestions, as ever, I like to hear them so please get in touch.