1. Padd Trek and Fluent Mind Map Mini-Update

    July 29, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve been away on holiday but now I’m back and have resumed work on the Padd Trek update I mentioned a couple of weeks back.

    In addition I’ve also got an update on the way for Fluent Mind Map to add the ability to connect a node to any other node (as opposed to just it’s children). You’ll be able to create the connection through the node toolbar (much like the current change parent behaviour) or by touching two nodes at the same time.

  2. Padd Trek v2

    July 10, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve finally managed to carve out some time to update Padd Trek with an “enhanced” mode adding new gameplay elements – I missed a self imposed deadline on another project and decided I needed to mix things up a bit project wise. While I’m not going to be able to complete it for a week or two due to other commitments  the new gameplay elements are pretty much feature complete and what remains is to make sure I haven’t broken the classic mode, squeeze a couple of new status bars onto the iPhone (somewhere, somehow!), fix a bunch of defects, and do more play-testing.

    Changes that have made the cut include:

    • Ships systems are now manned by crew members
    • Repair times are governed by the spare crew capacity
    • As your life support fails crew begin to die
    • Unmanned ships systems are rendered inoperable
    • There are now planets in the galaxy and new crew can be recruited from them
    • Cloaked ships have been added which can be very hard to hit, firing weapons with shields lowered increases your chance of hitting them
    • Your ship is now armed with a limited number of  AI controlled combat drones which can be launched and recovered if they survive battle
    • There are wormholes which your ship can enter for a shortcut to another part of the galaxy
    • As weapons hit ships you get a view as to how much damage is being caused
    • Shields can now be rotated to make energy management easier
    • I’ve tweaked the system status view to show numerically how damaged systems are
    • New leaderboards for the enhanced mode
    • The 4″ iPhone 5 screen is now supported

    Originally I’d also added black holes that dragged ships towards them but it proved to be more irritating than fun and so I’ve cut that from the release. I still like the concept so I might come back to this in the future. The screenshot below shows a wormhole, a cloaked ship and a drone.

    iOS Simulator Screen shot 10 Jul 2013 20.53.18

    Padd Trek will continue to be a free download and with this release Padd Trek is also going open source under a slightly modified MIT license – the modification being that I’m prohibiting derivatives from being published on the App Store simply because I don’t want to find myself having wrangles with Apple about applications that are too similar. The source will be released on GitHub and if people do add features they want to go into the official version I’ll happily consider contributions from forks.

    If you’re interested in helping me playtest Padd Trek please get in touch. I’ve got a limited number of promo codes for Mocking Pad and Fluent Mind Map that I can give out by way of thanks.

    Finally I’m really proud of the positive feedback Padd Trek has received since I launched it and hope these changes make the game even more enjoyable while still remaining true to the original. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to place a review on the App Store, leave feedback here, or email me directly – I really appreciate it. I’m only sorry its taken me so long to get this update done, it’s been difficult to carve out the time in the last year.