1. Mocking Pad v2.00 – Submitted for Review

    November 4, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted the new release of Mocking Pad to Apple for review. Hopefully it will sail through the review process and hit the store quickly. I’m hoping to submit a similar update for Mocking Pad Lite in a few days – it’s basically the same codebase but I need to do more testing to ensure the in app purchase works.

    I’ve submitted the app with the following promo materials.

    What’s New

    • New flat design
    • Every icon has been replaced with an iOS 7 equivalent
    • The default stencil design has been made thinner and lighter
    • Completely redesigned stencil palette
    • New project browser view
    • Updated Dropbox support to use an application folder (more secure) and included a fix for the logon
    • Updated Live Publishing support

    Promo Images

    App Store 1App Store 2App Store 3App Store 4App Store 5


  2. Mocking Pad – More iOS 7 Screenshots

    November 2, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I really am quite excited by this new update and so wanted to share some more screenshots. I still have a few rough edges in the visuals to sort out but I think this design is leaps ahead of the previous versions of Mocking Pad and so I’m pushing the boat out and calling this Mocking Pad v2.00. Under the covers I’ve chopped out a lot of the outdated code from iOS4 and replaced it with a more modern approach, I’ve also completely rewritten the stencil palette, project browser, page browser, Dropbox integration and Live Publishing. Nearly every icon in the application has been replaced with an iOS 7 style replacement.

    Its still a free update however.

    I’m particularly pleased with the new stencil palette as I think this both looks better and is easier to use.

    iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Nov 2013 19.42.22  iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Nov 2013 19.16.35  iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Nov 2013 15.30.35


    I think, I hope, that I’ve gotten better at user interface design since I initially released Mocking Pad and I think it shows in this new version. I hope you agree.

    I’m hoping to push it to the App Store this weekend.