1. Settings and Accessibility

    April 10, 2011 by accidentalfish

    I’m generally not a fan of settings in applications – or at least an overloading of them. To me it normally feels like the developer chickened out of a decision and hoisted it onto the user. To that end I’ve tried very hard not to introduce too many settings into Mocking Pad.

    That said there is a time and a place for them as people really are different in some quite fundamental ways. For example you have left handed and right handed people, colour blind people, people who are hard of hearing, the list goes on and on. I, for example, am really rather short sighted – take my glasses away and I’m likely to stumble into something. Good software should cater for all people.

    What really sparked my thinking off about this was Matt Gemmells post on accessibility and a comment left by Christian on this blog. To that end the next release of Mocking Pad (the sexily versioned 1.24) includes a Settings menu in both the Lite and full versions.

    In this menu you can change three things:

    • The size of the handles used for resizing objects. Combined with zoom you can now work at a balance of visual size and grabbiness (did I make that word up?) that is right for you.
    • You can position the palette of stencils on the left or the right of the iPad.
    • You can flip the toolbar icons round such that, for example, undo and redo appear at either the top left or top right of the iPad.

    As ever I welcome feedback, if you’re finding Mocking Pad difficult to use for any reason then please do get in touch – with your help I can continue to make worthwhile improvements. You can leave comments on this blog or get in touch through the Get Support button in the application.

  2. Wanted: Left Handed Mocking Pad Users

    April 9, 2011 by accidentalfish

    Based on some feedback from a user on the blog I’m working on making Mocking Pad more friendly to those who are left handed.

    Current thinking is to:

    • Allow the palette to be positioned on the right
    • Flip the layout of the editors toolbar

    Trouble is I’m right handed myself and while I’m pretty sure the first of the above is the right way to go I’m not so sure about the second. Instinct tells me that if, as a right handed person, I want undo / redo on the top right then a left handed person probably wants it on the top left but really thats just what it is: a guess!

    I’d really like to hand a pre-release copy of this to a left handed user and get feedback, so if you’re left handed please and already use Mocking Pad get in touch via the comments or through Mocking Pad’s support button.