1. Fluent Mind Map Themes

    December 14, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I started to think about adding some different colour schemes into Fluent Mind Map while working on the W8 version. The file format has been “theme” ready since I released the very first version on the iPad so this weekend I went ahead and added that functionality into the Windows 8 version. There’s a screenshot from the app below:


    There is also a basic theme editor included so you can pick your own colours if you want something different. Any edited / created themes will be available on your local device for all your mind maps but they also carry around with your mind maps so if you share them the theme will go with them.

    The app is available in the Windows Store now, hope you like the updates.

    I have made a couple of underlying changes to increase the flexibility over what I had in mind back when I first created the iOS app and so although the iOS app will read these files the text will always be white if you work cross platform. I hope to get the update out soon that will include proper support for themes as well as the iCloud support I mentioned previously.

    Finally – thanks to my (new!) users of the W8 version for the feedback so far. It’s really useful, massively appreciated, and helping me to make the app more useful.


  2. Fluent Mind Map and Windows 8

    December 6, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I’m happy to announce that Fluent Mind Map is now also available on Windows 8.1. It’s fully file and feature compatible with the iOS version and so if you’re using Dropbox (or soon on iOS) or OneDrive you can freely share your work across both iOS and Windows 8.

    I redesigned it from the ground up to fit in to Windows 8 UI paradigms and to work well with both touch and keyboard and mouse.

    I’ll be updating the website in the next few days (frankly Microsoft caught me on the hop with a super quick review) but in the meantime you can get it on the Windows Store here and below is a screenshot to whet your appetite. 


    And I’ve not been neglecting the iOS app – nearly complete is a version that adds iCloud support, iOS 8 extensions (specifically the document provider so you can use the storage solution of your choice), and the ability to save photographs to your photo library. iCloud and photo library support are frequently requested features and so I hope this update is of value to you.

  3. Mocking Pad v2.00 – Submitted for Review

    November 4, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted the new release of Mocking Pad to Apple for review. Hopefully it will sail through the review process and hit the store quickly. I’m hoping to submit a similar update for Mocking Pad Lite in a few days – it’s basically the same codebase but I need to do more testing to ensure the in app purchase works.

    I’ve submitted the app with the following promo materials.

    What’s New

    • New flat design
    • Every icon has been replaced with an iOS 7 equivalent
    • The default stencil design has been made thinner and lighter
    • Completely redesigned stencil palette
    • New project browser view
    • Updated Dropbox support to use an application folder (more secure) and included a fix for the logon
    • Updated Live Publishing support

    Promo Images

    App Store 1App Store 2App Store 3App Store 4App Store 5


  4. Fluent Mind Map – Issue Resolved

    September 4, 2013 by accidentalfish

    A quick update: a fixed version of Fluent Mind Map was released onto the App Store last night and has resolved the issue. Fortunately Apple accepted my request for an expedited review (it’s the first time in 5 years I’ve needed to so I’d like to think I’ve treated the submission process responsibly over the years) and turned the review round in less than 12 working hours.

    Apologies again to anyone who was inconvenienced by this and thank you for your patience and supportive emails, I’m massively grateful for that.


  5. Fluent Mind Map – Update

    August 31, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I was in touch with my tools vendor, Xamarin, lat night and the issue is due to a bug in the tool but not what I thought. They’ve been able to advise me on a workaround and that does seem to work and so I’ve been up since super-early UK time to get a build prepped for the App Store again.

    That’s now uploaded and pending review with Apple and I’ve requested an expedited review which hopefully means the fix will go live within the next day or so.

    Apologies again for this. Thanks to those who have been in touch for being so understanding – really appreciate that.

  6. Fluent Mind Map – Nightmare Scenario

    August 30, 2013 by accidentalfish

    Firstly I want to apologise: the version of the App that went available on the App Store crashes on startup. I have no means to test what I believe to be the cause but I’ve submitted what I believe to be a fix and requested an expedited review. In the meantime I’ve pulled the App from the store. If you have it installed and Mind Maps saved don’t delete the app – leave it in place and when the new version arrives it should all work again with no data loss.

    In the meantime if this leaves you in a bind please get in touch by email (websupport@accidentalfish.com) and I may be able to assist.

    I realise my root cause above sounds a little vague. Fluent Mind Map uses a development tool called Xamarin.iOS that allows you to write apps for the App Store using the C# language and it contains something called a linker that amongst other things removes unused code to make the app smaller for download. When I produced my final release candidate I made a one line code change and this caused a crash on startup due to what looks to be a bug in the linker. I managed to resolve this in my Release Candidate but despite being built with exactly the same settings the version submitted to the App Store seems to have the same problem. I’ve reproduced the issue and fixed this by turning the linker off (resulting in a big binary) and submittted this to Apple. Unfortunately the only way to test this is to download it from the App Store. Hence my vague statement above.

    Hopefully the new version will be reviewed and released quickly.

    Finally let me apologise again: I was genuinely gutted to learn this and I will do all I can to get this resolved quickly. I’ll update the blog if I learn anything more.

  7. Fluent Mind Map 1.2 (and online update)

    August 26, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted version 1.2 of Fluent Mind Map to the App Store for review. It includes the much asked for ability to connect a node to any other node (so not necessarily the parent node) and also a set of fixes:


    • Connect nodes to any arbitrary other node with a dotted line


    • Node property toolbar can no longer be shown while reparenting nodes
    • Fix for very large mind maps and image export
    • Various fixes for rare intermittent issues
    • Lower memory consumption in many operations leading to faster performance

    You can see an example set of the new connections here:


    I owe thanks to a generous user who spent a lot of time answering my questions on email and helped me get to the bottom of a particularly gnarly bug – thanks!

    Those watching the site might also have noticed changes to the online version of Fluent Mind Map on Saturday, I’ve added a lot of the editor functionality so that now you can create new nodes, pages and documents. I’ve also incorporated local saving of mind maps to your browsers “Local Storage”. You can read more about the update in the release notes or go ahead and try it out.

    Busy times!

  8. Fluent Mind Map Online – Editing and Saving

    August 19, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just pushed out version which includes basic editing as described in the release note:

    • Change a nodes text
    • Change a nodes colour
    • Change a node and all its childrens colour by double clicking the colour well
    • Drag nodes to reposition (still a little buggy)
    • Save changes to Dropbox


    There are a few rough edges around saving and you still can’t create anything new (documents, pages, nodes) but thats coming soon and should be in the next update.


  9. Fluent Mind Map Online – Update

    August 18, 2013 by accidentalfish

    Rather than blog in detail about every little change I make to Fluent Mind Map Online I’ve pushed out a release note page, it’s linked to from the version number on the product page or you can find it here.

    My hope is to make lots of small incremental changes so this seems a better way to go, though I’ll still blog about major updates.

  10. Fluent Mind Map – Web Browser Version

    August 17, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’m super happy today to be able to announce today that Fluent Mind Map is moving into the online world with a browser based version. As an initial release I’ve launched it as a read only beta viewer for Dropbox hosted files and my intention is to release a number of frequent updates over the next few months to gradually introduce the full editing features of the iOS version (you’ll probably discover that although this version doesn’t let you save it does let you move nodes and add nodes). It’s a HTML / JavaScript application so you don’t need Flash, Silverlight or any other horrible plugin.

    It’s currently tested in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and you can try it out here. If you click the folder icon at the top left you’ll be presented with a Dropbox file chooser and from there you can select any of the files you’ve published to Dropbox from one of the iOS apps.

    You can see from the screenshot below that I’ve tried to bring across the look and feel from the iOS versions:



    My intention is to implement all the features apart from the export options (PDF, SVG etc.) and allow the editor to work on local files (HTML local storage) or against Dropbox. At this stage I have no intention to charge for the browser version but I’d sure appreciate you buying the iOS version it if its useful to you.

    If you have feedback please do get in touch.