1. Fluent Mind Map – iOS Update

    December 23, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I’ve completed work on a major update to the iOS version of Fluent Mind Map. It contains a few bug fixes but primarily is about new features including:

    • iCloud Drive support
    • iOS 8.0 Document Picker support (use DropBox, OneDrive, Box etc.)
    • A selection of themes to apply to your mind maps and a theme editor so you can create your own
    • Save mind maps directly to your photo library

    The new document picker support replaces the DropBox specific support in previous versions. While developing this I have come across a bug in DropBox – some files, but not all, previously saved to DropBox via the application will not open through the document picker. I’ve reported the issue to DropBox as it does look to be on there side (and permissions related in some way) but in the meantime you can fix this by moving them out of the app folder into a new DropBox folder.

    The bad news is that I completed the testing on this work just as the Apple services required for updating app’s in the store shut down for the Christmas period. They open again on the 29th December and I’ll get the update posted as soon that happens.

    As always I hope this update is useful to you.

  2. Fluent Mind Map and Windows 8

    December 6, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I’m happy to announce that Fluent Mind Map is now also available on Windows 8.1. It’s fully file and feature compatible with the iOS version and so if you’re using Dropbox (or soon on iOS) or OneDrive you can freely share your work across both iOS and Windows 8.

    I redesigned it from the ground up to fit in to Windows 8 UI paradigms and to work well with both touch and keyboard and mouse.

    I’ll be updating the website in the next few days (frankly Microsoft caught me on the hop with a super quick review) but in the meantime you can get it on the Windows Store here and below is a screenshot to whet your appetite. 


    And I’ve not been neglecting the iOS app – nearly complete is a version that adds iCloud support, iOS 8 extensions (specifically the document provider so you can use the storage solution of your choice), and the ability to save photographs to your photo library. iCloud and photo library support are frequently requested features and so I hope this update is of value to you.

  3. Mocking Pad v2.00 – Submitted for Review

    November 4, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted the new release of Mocking Pad to Apple for review. Hopefully it will sail through the review process and hit the store quickly. I’m hoping to submit a similar update for Mocking Pad Lite in a few days – it’s basically the same codebase but I need to do more testing to ensure the in app purchase works.

    I’ve submitted the app with the following promo materials.

    What’s New

    • New flat design
    • Every icon has been replaced with an iOS 7 equivalent
    • The default stencil design has been made thinner and lighter
    • Completely redesigned stencil palette
    • New project browser view
    • Updated Dropbox support to use an application folder (more secure) and included a fix for the logon
    • Updated Live Publishing support

    Promo Images

    App Store 1App Store 2App Store 3App Store 4App Store 5


  4. Reviews

    May 27, 2013 by accidentalfish

    I’m generally not a fan of applications asking to be rated on the App Store but store reviews have become really important and the reality is that people rarely go back to the store to review without prompting. Interestingly I’ve found with Mocking Pad and Padd Trek that people are more likely to send me an email saying thanks than go back to the store and review – which actually I love, it’s fantastic getting thoughtful feedback from real users.

    This, coupled with the race to the bottom pricing that has taken place in the last few years, means that starting with Fluent Mind Map I’ve decided I need to join the herd and prompt for reviews. I’ve used the iRate component to do this and configured it so that it will only ask if the application is used 5 times or more and has been installed for at least 5 days. Hopefully this isn’t too intrusive.

  5. Fluent Mind Map

    May 21, 2013 by accidentalfish

    If you visit the main Accidental Fish website you’ll probably have noticed that there’s been a big refresh of the site and that I have a new application for sale on the App Store.

    Apple caught me on the hop a little with a really fast approval – fortunately I had the website ready but didn’t have a blog post.

    Fluent Mind Map is, as the name suggests, a mind mapping tool that really grew out of a challenge I set myself a few weeks ago to build something with a really minimal editor that made use of gestures rather than lots of buttons. I picked a mind mapper as a clean simple and distraction free UI seemed well suited to exploring ideas. Before I knew it I’d got 60% of a complete app and so decided to finish it.

    It’s a universal app and so a single purchase will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can share mind maps between your devices, clients, colleagues and friends through a variety of file formats using email or Dropbox (still my favourite cloud storage solution).

    You can find it on the App Store or learn more on my website.


    Since it went live a day or two ago I’ve submitted a new build to Apple for review that includes a couple of bug fixes. These issues primarily exhibit themselves in the iPhone version and none of them cause any data loss or damage to mind maps. They include:

    • Fixed new node UI scroll glitch
    • Fixed low memory enter background crash that occurred when exiting immediately after deleting the current mind map
    • Fixed email white screen issue on the iPhone

    No excuses for these making it through the test process but I am, as ever, committed to ensuring everything Accidental Fish does is of a high quality and getting fixes out there as quickly as possible for any issues that are discovered. I have a real simple policy: I don’t defer defects and anything discovered is fixed for the next version and if no version is currently planned then I plan one!

    If you have any problems get in touch either through the application itself or via the Accidental Fish support page.

    I want to keep the application simple and focussed but I do have some improvements planned for a future version and if you’ve got suggestions, as ever, I like to hear them so please get in touch.

  6. Padd Trek – Volume Fix

    June 19, 2012 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted a new release (1.52) of Padd Trek to Apple for review that fixes the volume issue – now it correctly honours the volume settings of your device. Hopefully it will hit the store in about a weeks time.

  7. Padd Trek – Now Free

    June 12, 2012 by accidentalfish

    A brief update on Padd Trek – I decided at the weekend to make this a free app, and keep it as a free app, for a number of reasons:

    • It was just written for fun and for myself and it’s not something I’ve really got any intention to make money from.
    • It’s targeted at a fairly niche audience (lovers of the 70s original and various versions over the years).
    • It didn’t take long to write and is easy to maintain.

    All that being the case on reflection I’d really like fellow lovers of this classic style of game to be able to enjoy it on their phones and for newcomers to the genre to be able to give it a try and so I changed it’s price to free at the weekend and its going to stay that way and it’s perhaps worth pointing out that there are no ad’s in the app. Happily since making the change it’s had a flood of downloads and picked up a few 5* and 4* ratings.

    I also posted an update to the App Store last night that fixes a bug – it’s possible to get stuck on the status screen in the current version (in low memory situations) and I’ve resolved that. Hopefully it will hit the store in a few days time.

    I’ve also got a few new features planned for the game including AI improvements for the enemies and new missions and game events. If you’ve got any suggestions then let me know. I don’t want to over complicate it as I want to keep it true to it’s roots but I’m always happy to consider ideas.

    I’m also contemplating releasing the source code. After all – why not? Those who visit my blog regularly will know I like to release source code whenever I can. I just need to clean up a bit of the code and remove some copyrighted assets before I can do that.

    If you download it and like it I’d really appreciate a review on the store (the app itself will not pester you to review it) and if you don’t let me know why. Its always nice to get feedback.

  8. Padd Trek 1.50

    May 20, 2012 by accidentalfish

    I’ve just submitted a new version of Padd Trek to Apple for review – hopefully it will hit the App Store in a week or so’s time.

    Ive updated all the artwork to include support for the new iPad’s retina display (though much of it was vector based so already looked pretty good) and perhaps more significantly Padd Trek is now a universal app and so will work on both the iPhone and the iPad. The one application works on both devices so you don’t have to pay twice and it’s a free upgrade for existing users.

    It was quite a challenge squeezing the user interface down to work on the iPhone as I’d originally designed it to make expansive use of the iPad’s large screen – let me know how you think I got on.

  9. Mocking Pad 1.45

    April 14, 2012 by accidentalfish

    As I write this I’m still waiting for Mocking Pad 1.40 to hit the App Store but in the meantime I’ve been working on another update that contains two of the most common user requested features and a minor improvement I’ve wanted myself. These features only appear in the full version (either purchased outright or by using the in-app upgrade in Mocking Pad Lite) and are:

    1. Reorder pages by dragging them
    2. Use images from your photo library in your wireframes
    3. Tap and hold in the editor to select all stencils or select all the stencils of a particular type

    I may also drop a couple more improvements I’ve had in mind into the update – watch this space!

  10. More on Mocking Pad v1.40

    April 9, 2012 by accidentalfish

    Had a last minute change of heart over the features going into the new Lite version of Mocking Pad – I’ve decided to include the stroke width selection and font picker for all users whether upgraded or not.

    On the new iPad things just look so much smarter and crisper with a narrower stroke width and using Helvetica as the font that I wanted to let everybody use these styles.

    In fact if you’re a new purchaser of Mocking Pad then the new style is the default out of the box – if you’re an upgrading user then go into the Settings menu on the project screen and change to Helvetica and 2 pixel stroke width to set the defaults for the application. I’ve left the old defaults in place for existing users as I figure you’re probably in the middle of working on UI designs and won’t appreciate me whipping out a new stencil style half way through!

    I submitted both versions to the App Store today so all being well they should be out in a few days.