1. iPad 2

    March 3, 2011 by accidentalfish

    As an iPad software developer I guess I ought to comment on the iPad 2. Am I excited? Surprised? Disappointed?

    There have been so many rumours floating around the Internet from the unrealistic (Retina display) to the possible (carbon fibre) that I suspect some people are disappointed: they were expecting, wrongly or rightly, Apple to deliver a gold plated unicorn.

    They haven’t. What they have delivered is a solid update to an already great product.

    If you don’t have an iPad should you get one now? Hell yes! And while you’re shopping pick up a copy of Mocking Pad too.

    If you’ve got an original iPad should you upgrade? Tricky. I guess all I can say is that I will be upgrading. The faster processor (and almost certainly more memory although Apple, as per usual, haven’t disclosed this) will lead to a far nicer browser experience – one of my peeves with the original iPad was how often it needed to reload browser pages when moving between tabs and the sometimes sluggish performance of rendering. I don’t have hands on experience but iPad 2 will almost certainly fix both these issues. PLus come on – its gorgeous! And, cough cough, I need to test Mocking Pad on all iPad models right?

    And as for that Retina display. My guess is its coming in iPad 3. See you next year!

  2. Charityware on App Store

    August 20, 2010 by accidentalfish

    An idea I just had on Twitter, probably not original, but here goes anyway.

    How about if Apple’s App Store allowed developers to donate their profits to charity? Charities would register with Apple then when developers submitted app’s they could pick a charity to donate the proceeds to. The app would then appear in the app store with a little badge and perhaps the price in a different colour and the charities name could appear along with the detail about the application.

    For each application sold Apple then just pay the profits to the charities bank account instead of the developer.

    There are probably a few tax and legal hoops to jump through but surely nothing insurmountable.

    If this existed I’d definitely put Photo Drive up for a nominal 59p. I’m not interested in making any money from it, I just wrote it to scratch an itch, but if one of the charities I support could benefit from my work then that would be a nice bonus all round.

    I guess the only fly in the ointment would be if a charity objected to, say, being associated with a fart application or perhaps more seriously an application that advocated something in opposition to the charities aims and philosophy. But there could be some kind of basic approval process and hell I wouldn’t mind being given money from sales of a fart application!