1. Graph Paper – Open Source Release

    October 18, 2010 by accidentalfish

    For an upcoming project I have the need for some simple vector based artwork that has to be rendered using Quartz in Objective-C. Despite tools like Illustrator and Inkscape I still often find myself reaching for a piece of graph paper, a ruler and a pencil for such things and then I translate the co-ordinates into code.

    Old school I know! Or should that be old skool. I’m never sure.

    However since I got my iPad I’ve found that this kind of use case translates to it really well and since I had a free day I decided to quickly knock up some digital graph paper for the iPad. The result: Graph Paper.

    It lets you tap points on a static grid to draw either polygons or ellipses and then converts the resulting diagram to either Objective-C code or HTML 5 canvas code. Couple of screenshots:

    tn_gpedit.png tn_gpexport.png

    I don’t plan on making this tool much more elaborate, I like its minimalism, but I do want to add the ability to draw simple lines and save and load diagrams then I’ll put it up on the App Store as a freebie.

    I’ve already made the source available under the MIT License and placed it on GitHub.