1. Photo Drive – Update on App Store

    August 18, 2010 by accidentalfish

    The new version of Photo Drive is on the App Store.

    I have discovered a small bug in the photo browser – when you rotate your phone the app is not rotating the photo. I’ll try and post a fix for this in the next day or two. I thought I’d tested this but clearly not – my apologies.

    If you have any other problems then please leave me feedback and I’ll work on updating them as soon as I can.

  2. Photo Drive Update – Uploaded to App Store

    August 14, 2010 by accidentalfish

    This morning I uploaded the latest version of Photo Drive to the App Store and it is currently waiting for review. With luck it will be out within a week.

    It includes various bug fixes including:

    1. A fix to a crash that occurred for some photos during download of sets from Flickr.
    2. Smoother background downloading of sets from Flickr.
    3. For offline image viewing (browsing, scrolling, zooming etc.) is improved with no overlapping images and no inappropriate cropping occurring.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to improve the online viewing experience for Flickr images as I need to replace the current image browsing library that I am using and it looks like I’m going to have to write my own.

    I’m up for doing that, and open sourcing it, but I need to finish ProtoPad before I can invest that kind of time. Its not that I don’t care about Photo Drive and its users – I do very much so for I am a user myself, but I need to put bread on the table first!

  3. Photo Drive Update

    August 7, 2010 by accidentalfish

    I’m currently in the middle of making a set of fixes to the Photo Drive application. The good news is that photo downloading is now quicker and smoother and the crashes that some users were experiencing on browsing the downloaded images is fixed. Many thanks to Matt Freier for his patient help in diagnosing the problem.

    The slightly not so good news is that while trying to deal with the “flicker” and occasional overlapping image problem during image browsing I came across a rather serious issue in the Three 20 library that I use. There’s nothing wrong with its code as such its just not ideally suited to use as a Flickr image browser. I can work around it but it will take me a little longer to resolve.

    If the ploy I have in mind works out then image browsing should be smoother and I still hope to submit to the App Store early this coming week.

  4. Photo Drive on iOS4

    June 23, 2010 by accidentalfish

    I’ve tested this on iOS4 and as best as I can tell it works with no problems.

    If you hit an issue then let me know.

    I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try it on iPhone 4 but will do so soon.

  5. Photo Drive on the App Store

    March 13, 2010 by accidentalfish

    Happy days, Photo Drive has been approved for the App Store and is available now.

    Sadly I bungled the keywords meaning its nigh on impossible to find without a direct link and the only way to update the keywords is to upload a new version of the app.

    Luckily I’ve got one primed and ready to go that contains a couple of bug fixes, a usability tweak (it remembers how you ordered your photo sets), and most importantly the ability to browse your contacts photos.

    I uploaded it this morning and hopefully this too will be approved with no hiccups.

    Features planned for upcoming versions include finding photos by tags (including exploring from the tag set of the current photo), finding photos geotagged near your current location and searching for people.

  6. Photo Drive submitted for review

    March 7, 2010 by accidentalfish

    Good news! The first version of Photo Drive is complete and has been submitted for review by Apple.

    I’ll post again as soon as its available.