1. Mocking Pad and iPad 2

    March 5, 2011 by accidentalfish

    As iPad 2’s screen resolution is the same as the original iPad’s and that I’m testing it on iOS 4.3 Mocking Pad should work just fine but needless to say I’ll be testing it on a physical device just as soon as Apple will let me hand my money over to them here in the UK.

    Based on the announced updates one of the things I’ll be looking to do is take advantage of that extra core to speed up the creation of assets (Mocking Pad exports to HTML with PNG files for images and also to SVG for use in Inkscape or Illustrator) when exporting large projects.

    I’ve also got some ideas to take advantage of the screen mirroring but I’ll wait until I’ve shipped v1.2 before talking about that, but it fits nicely into something I already had planned.