1. Fluent Mind Map Themes

    December 14, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I started to think about adding some different colour schemes into Fluent Mind Map while working on the W8 version. The file format has been “theme” ready since I released the very first version on the iPad so this weekend I went ahead and added that functionality into the Windows 8 version. There’s a screenshot from the app below:


    There is also a basic theme editor included so you can pick your own colours if you want something different. Any edited / created themes will be available on your local device for all your mind maps but they also carry around with your mind maps so if you share them the theme will go with them.

    The app is available in the Windows Store now, hope you like the updates.

    I have made a couple of underlying changes to increase the flexibility over what I had in mind back when I first created the iOS app and so although the iOS app will read these files the text will always be white if you work cross platform. I hope to get the update out soon that will include proper support for themes as well as the iCloud support I mentioned previously.

    Finally – thanks to my (new!) users of the W8 version for the feedback so far. It’s really useful, massively appreciated, and helping me to make the app more useful.


  2. Fluent Mind Map and Windows 8

    December 6, 2014 by accidentalfish

    I’m happy to announce that Fluent Mind Map is now also available on Windows 8.1. It’s fully file and feature compatible with the iOS version and so if you’re using Dropbox (or soon on iOS) or OneDrive you can freely share your work across both iOS and Windows 8.

    I redesigned it from the ground up to fit in to Windows 8 UI paradigms and to work well with both touch and keyboard and mouse.

    I’ll be updating the website in the next few days (frankly Microsoft caught me on the hop with a super quick review) but in the meantime you can get it on the Windows Store here and below is a screenshot to whet your appetite. 


    And I’ve not been neglecting the iOS app – nearly complete is a version that adds iCloud support, iOS 8 extensions (specifically the document provider so you can use the storage solution of your choice), and the ability to save photographs to your photo library. iCloud and photo library support are frequently requested features and so I hope this update is of value to you.